Actors Taken Too Soon For Their Age

There are a number of child actors who might have touched our hearts with their performances onscreen. While we continue to see them on TV, they have passed on and gone into another world. Some, you might not even know about. Here are 20 child actors who...

Exhibitions and conferences

Fall exhibitons – part 2

Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium
This is certainly the most long-awaited show this year. It’s a full retrospective of Brazil’s slipperiest postwar artist. Oiticica started the carrier with some vibrant and syncopated abstract paintings, after...

Exhibitions and conferences

Fall exhibitions – part 1

Here’s the first part of the list of some very interesting exhibitions planned for this fall.

Doug Aitken: Electric Earth
It looks like a grove of trees, an undulating desert, with a horse in a field.  It’s a series of immersive and rhythmic...


Hobbies & Talents Of The Rich and The Famous

Hobbies are activities that someone does for pleasure in their spare time. There are a lot of different hobbies around the world, some are odd and some are really fun. We decided we needed to collect some of the hobbies that the rich and famous enjoy the...


Fukushima exclusion zone

We all remember when the Fukushima nuclear disaster unfortunately hit Japan. All the residents within 18 miles around the plant were urged to evacuate as fast as they could. And now, Five years after the terrible even, the established exclusion zone is still...


Story behind Gotan Project

Why by listening to Gotan Project we’re not involved just in music? Why the whole atmosphere has that artistic moment that goes along from the first to the last song? How did they manage to put such erotic, seductive and nostalgic flow in their music...