14 Artists Reveal the Surreal In Rochester, NY for Wall/ Therapy

For the fifth year running, Wall Therapy is taking over the Rochester, New York area and transforming it with an injection of art.

40 Greenleaf Street

photo by Jason Wilder

Wall Therapy’s art extends beyond beauty to transform older buildings and intervene in neighborhoods through the use of vibrant and elaborate public murals. These murals serve to provide inspiration and strengthen the bonds that secure communities in the area together. These images are not only being provided to the community at large as a way of helping residents rethink and draw inspiration from the areas where they’re painted; but it serves as a way for the walls that the artists use to create their work to be rehabilitated and resurfaced as well. This brings about a literal therapeutic change to the neighborhoods and the structures where the murals reside.

820 South Clinton Avenue

photo by @markdeffphoto

For this year’s project of rebirth and renewal there were 14 murals created by artists on buildings in need in the area. The murals focused on a central theme of fantasy and the surreal; creations ranged from an enormous whale swimming along contentedly in its own bubble shaped to fit, and a larger-than-life superhero who takes a seat on the side of a build to change his super shoes. All of the murals varied in their location and in the scale of the artwork depending on the structure in need of a face lift. Some of the most grand murals folded aspects of their base structures into their art by climbing to heights of tall vertical buildings or wrapping their way around sharp brick corners of walls.

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