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Sued for her own work

In December last year, documentary photographer Carol Highsmith got a letter from Getty Images that accuses the artist of copyright infringement, because she put one of her own photographs on her own website. They wanted a payment of $120. Soon after this...

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Art in Olympic Games

As we all know that it is the time of new Olympic Games that just started in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, there are maybe some interesting facts that we didn’t know, like the bound between Olympics and arts. Yes, it really happened almost 100 years ago and...


Virtual reality studio in National Theatre

People who decide to visit the new National Theatre studio could experience some soul-destroying misery of the Calais jungle. They can also take part in the 1916 Easter Rising or even sit on a toilet while being serenaded by a giant bizarre cat. This theatre...

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Concert lovers are happier

In this era of general discontent, caused by political discord and economic insecurity, there are some people who are genuinely satisfied with their lives. If you come around those people, try to ask them their little secret, but there’s a chance that...

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