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Traveling musician. And I write about it. Isn't that fun? And what do you do to be happy in life?

Fun Vacation

Best Quotes for St. Patrick’s Day

As we all know, the Irish are people with a rather fantastic sense of humor. They know how to make others laugh, and their history of high-quality humor has long been a national attribute. Whether it’s gallows humor to lift negative spirits after a tough...


B-E-S-T Knock Offs Ever

When you go shopping online on certain sites or in particular parts of the world, knockoffs are very common. Some knockoffs are great – some are even better than the original. Most, though, are a minor percentage of the original product for a good...


Inspiring Women We Should Listen Too

We had a good year, though there were some sad events as famous and inspiring people passed away and the whole #MeToo campaign ruled the media. But overall, it was a year to learn new things that will be improved on and applied in the New Year. Notably, among...


18 Lovable Celebrities Taken Too Soon

There are a number of celebrities, child and adult, who have touched our hearts with their performances onscreen in some movie we really loved. It happens quite a lot that we see them onscreen and don’t even know that they passed away for some reason or...