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Heroic Women Save Trio of Dogs

For many people, dogs are an extension of our own families; the little comic relief who loves us unconditionally and will defend us to its death. They are the comic relief, the emotional support and the solution to offering you kindness and care when nobody...


The Photo Book of Killer Rodney Alcala

Sometimes, even the smallest clue can be the difference between solving a murder mystery or it going into the annals of cases never to be solved. In 2010, Rodney Alcala was sentenced to death for sexual assault and murder against two women in California, and...


Scorned Ex-Wife Who Knows How to Win!

When a marriage breaks up, people are left with all manner of issues. It can be a tough thing to deal with, the split-up of a marriage, but when it happens, most wind up in tough battles with one another. Especially when finding out that your partner was with...


Woman Survives Severe Google Maps Accident

Today, we all feel pretty attached to our phones, using them to help us make even the simplest of decisions. In fact, many people use their Google Maps app to help them get around places they don’t know, especially when travelling abroad.

For Amber...


Coming Home to a Furry Surprise!

Not everyone likes pets – some people love them but just can’t handle one. Others simply don’t want the burden of trying to cope with a cat.

For Nigel living life without any companionship was tough. Until the day he came home and happened to find a...

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Modern Punk Bands

From Ramones and Sex Pistols to Blink 182 and Neck Deep. Punk music has seen big changes. Modern punk bands are changing the rules.
It’s not about breaking anymore. Today’s punk music is unique than ever. The new decade brought some great artists with it...