Author - Natali Blackfield


Is MileHi the Sky Equivalent of Tinder?

Sometimes flying solo can be lonesome and boring, enter the new app for travel that’s aspiring to change that. MileHi with its playful name is here to take the tedium from the travel process by allowing you and other fliers to meet-up at any point in...


Hilariously Baffling Building Fails

Sadly we’re not making this up, these pictures were shot at real world locations whose builders could have used a bit more attention and not at some twisted funhouses.

Who needs privacy in the restroom? Apparently not whoever built this free standing...


Stressed? Your Body Fat Might be to Blame

It comes as no surprise to anyone that breakups and hard days at work make junk food more appealing. Researchers established long ago that stress is a driving factor in overeating and weight gain. However a new University of Florida study came out that...

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