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Noah is a California native who spent most his earlier days writing freelance for his local Newspaper in Los Angeles. He is also a graduate of UCLA having studied Journalism and Creative Writing, earning two different degrees in one. Following his early writing career, he moved onto writing articles for the TooCool2BeTrue family, and will continue to add his voice and writing talents to the website.

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Mega writers who sold over 100 million books

You may often hear that reading is dead these days. It is actually far from that and the best proof are these mega-selling authors.
Legions of readers are standing beside the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. The Alchemist is his most famous book. It follows a...


The Better Half Of Our Favorite NFL Superstars

Are you a sports fan and a fan of beautiful women, just like we are? If so, we picked 20 hottest wives and girlfriends in the NFL league. From quarterbacks to receivers these girls will surely grab your attention. Be aware, if your wife or girlfriend is in...


What to Expect from Fashion in 2017.

In a year that is ahead of us is a whole bunch of designer collaborations, exciting exhibitions and new label launches that are already confirmed. There are some events that you should be aware of…
We are expecting a reminding exhibition of Princess...

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Let’s just face it, 2010 has had some great movies: Shutter Island, Toy Story 3, and even some surprises –Karate Kid. No one expected that movie to be good. But, Christopher Nolan’s Inception took the first page in my book.
Imagine, just for a brief...


The Best Movies to Watch

Are you a movies fan? Do you like spending your free nights on the sofa watching good movies? We have a list of movies we found very interesting and entertaining.
Inception (2010) DiCaprio has a rare ability to enter people’s dream and steal their secrets...


TV’s Worst Villain of 2016

It is hard to believe, but the worst television villain of 2016 was The Walking Dead’s Negan. The guy who has a baseball bat that he named after B.B. King’s guitar, wraps it with a barbed wire and terrorize the little living world that has left on the...


New Fantasy Trilogy by Marlon James

Alternate universes and faraway lands are homes of sci-fi and fantasy stories, but they all have one thing in common; it doesn’t matter if the setting is in King’s Landing or the Middle East, pretty much everyone is white. Marlon James has an upcoming...


U2 2017 : Joshua Tree Tour

Stadiums all across America and Europe will not be the hosts for just sports events this year, but also for the well known U2. The group will celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree by performing the 1987 album from beginning to the end...