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Do You Want To Start a Band?

It’s fun and it’s challenging. If you are playing an instrument, or if you’re a good singer, maybe you should start a band. In this article, I will introduce you to the “having a band world”.
Like I said, It’s fun and it’s challenging. Playing a...

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Is Fashion an Art?

Is fashion really an art? The topic everyone on the world wide web is talking about. Yes, it is! No, it isn’t?
Even in past, history has shown us that people dressed to express themselves. Everything started with ancient Egyptians. Their clothing was filled...


It is Never Too Late For a Debut in Writing

Beauty magazines are not the only ones who celebrate the youth. It is actually everywhere. Literary organizations are also trying to find and recognize the development of rising stars under 35. There are many talented young writers, but it is sometimes hard...

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The Cast of Law and Order – Then & Now

Do you know L&O was live for 20 years?! Holding the record (along with Gunsmoke) for the longest air Drama TV show ever. The series was nominated for 202 TV awards, winning 44 of them. Very impressive. Still the show was taken off at 2010 and we just had...