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Fukushima exclusion zone

We all remember when the Fukushima nuclear disaster unfortunately hit Japan. All the residents within 18 miles around the plant were urged to evacuate as fast as they could. And now, Five years after the terrible even, the established exclusion zone is still...


Story behind Gotan Project

Why by listening to Gotan Project we’re not involved just in music? Why the whole atmosphere has that artistic moment that goes along from the first to the last song? How did they manage to put such erotic, seductive and nostalgic flow in their music...


Top 10 artist of all time

Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519)
He is one of the world’s artists, philosophers and greatest thinkers. In several different art fields, from science to astronomy, he succeeded to prove to be very innovative and also several centuries ahead of his...


Band Morphine – life after death

The Boston-based alternative rock band Morphine ruled the big stage during 90s until the tragedy struck. Mark Sandman, the frontman, died ten years ago, on July 3, 1999. But, it was the kind of death that few rock legends have experienced. Mark was onstage...


Marina Abramovic response

After the last week’s social media scandal, New York-based performance artist Marina Abramović gave a response, trying to clarify an odd passage from an uncorrected proof of her forthcoming memoir. There she refers to Aborigine people as “really...

Urban Art

Banksy artwork destroyed?

Banksy’s artwork that satirizes western government surveillance is removed, with suspicions that it has been destroyed. His Spy Booth mural was made in April 2014 on the wall of a house in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It has three secret agents in...

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Great parenting comics

Many of us grew up with comic books and we still feel a sort of nostalgia when someone mentions it. Most of those early comics were humoristic, carving the path for future authors. That world never disappeared. There are many comic artists today that make us...