Author - Sabrina Gonzalez

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Los padres famosos de las celebridades

Lo mejor del mundo del espectáculo son las celebridades… Y sé que podrás reconocer a más de un artista de este artículo, por sus apariciones en películas, series televisivas, presentaciones musicales y hasta en desfiles de moda. Te sorprenderás...

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Ladybug as a Lucky Charm

Even though they come in a variety of colors, ladybugs are usually recognized as red, tiny animals with black spots. They are popular in many cultures and various superstitions are associated with them.

Ladybug, a symbol of protection
During the Middle Age...

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The Story of Turquoise Gem

One of the world’s oldest and most famous gems is turquoise. Archaeologists have confirmed that the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt have worn a lot of jewelry with turquoise, and that Chinese artist used these stones for carving arts as back as 3,000 years...