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Watch: Rare Shark Videod Near Underwater Volcano

Ocean engineers go on long journeys in the rivers, sea, and oceans in hope of finding new underwater species. The deeper they venture, the more likely it is for them to find something rare and unseen.
A National Geographic team caught something on video which...


The Most Inspiring Model. A Legless Model

For the last few years, the world has grown used to seeing people from challenging backgrounds to overcome it. These kind of stories are great feel-good stories and show us the true limits of the human body amid adversity. One story that recently broke into...


Instagram Future Feature Leaked

As one of the most impressive and commonly used social media programs, Instagram has a huge global appeal. Being able to connect to people through the power of small captions and imagery is a great way to really contact with the world around you.
However, as...

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Put a Stop To Boring Office Meetings

If you are someone who has found themselves dealing with the ‘joy’ of a team meeting at work, you’ll likely realize just how hard it can be to understand and overcome. Sitting listening to some senior management goon go on and on and on about whatever...