Author - Emily Smith

Twenty-one years old, with green eyes, pretty good teeth and currently venturing through Philosophy and Literature degree. But all that is semantics.
What’s important to know is that I have a passion for creative writing, reading and travelling and a love for deep ideas, deep people and deep tubs of ice cream.


Fish Swim Across Roads Post-Flood

When floods hit, they can do some incredible damage.  Often, the damage can be quite extreme and it can become rather expensive for the people to get their lives back to normal after the incident. That being said, sometimes one of the few minor benefits of a...


Discovering the Sterling Hill Mine

When we hear of people finding unique and amazing items hidden away, it’s always easy to doubt the accuracy. How often do people turn up having found something that nobody else? It’s a super-rare feat and for that reason it is quite hard to believe in...


Woman Reaches 111- Thanks to Whiskey?!

When someone lives to beyond a century in life, most people want to know how the manage it. It’s usually things like healthy mind, staying active, eating right, doing good deed and things of that sort.

However, for Grace Jones, it’s a nice glass of...


The Hoover Dam Miracle

As one of the most impressive engineering feats of its day, the Hoover Dam has long been one of the most important structures of its kind. A powerful solution for producing power and managing the city resources, the Hoover dam plays a huge role in the region...

Animals LOL

This Parakeet Has the Best Party Tricks!

Birds are amazing animals, and parakeets are definitely up there with the most awesome pets around. Some animals like the parakeet, though, are thought of not only as cool pets, but entertainers too! While just about any action that you can think of could be...