Author - Emily Smith

Twenty-one years old, with green eyes, pretty good teeth and currently venturing through Philosophy and Literature degree. But all that is semantics.
What’s important to know is that I have a passion for creative writing, reading and travelling and a love for deep ideas, deep people and deep tubs of ice cream.


Purchasing Parrot Perfects Online Orders!

We’ve all heard of piracy, but parrotsy?

This brilliant parrot was able to crack the code of the Alexa software by Amazon, and start placing orders. This wire-controlled SMART speaker has become one of the most popular modern tech innovations, making life...


Seven Most Expensive Foods Out There

Pretty much everyone loves food. But while most of us will settle for a delicious (and cheap) plate of greasy french fries, there are some with a more expensive taste. These seven foods are the most expensive of their kind, and while I can’t relate to...


Six Superhero Animals Who Saved Lives

These six animals went far beyond their realm of responsibility, saving the lives of the people around them! From dry land to the ocean, these super hero animals came to the rescue just at the right time.
Dedicated Dolphins
Everyone knows dolphins are the...