Beyonce: The Twins and Everything Else You Need To Know

35 year old Beyoncé has been running our world since 1997 when her self-formed girl band Destiny’s Child. Since then the pop diva has broken every possible record out there as a musician, has become a mother of three and half of the Carter power couple (Beyoncé  and Jay-Z), and has launched a fashion line, made guest appearances in movies (including Cadillac Records , Dream Girls and Epic), philanthropy and many other ventures.

All you need to know about Beyoncé

How it all began

Beyoncé’s singing abilities were first discovered, of all places in a dance class. The dance teacher was singing something and Beyonce finished off in perfect key. She progressed to win the school talent show with John Lenon’s “Imagine” competing, mainly, against high school kids. She was 8 at the time.

That year she and met Kelly Rowland who were already friends, met LaTavia Robertson who would later form with her the original Destiny’s Child trio. The three met at an audition. They passed and in 1990, Girl Tyme – a six girl was created but failed to win reality show Star Search.

GIrls Tyme. Beyonce is at the rear right.
GIrls Tyme. Beyonce is at the rear right.

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