Bridal Heaven: Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Some would say that a young couples’ happiest day is the day they tie the knot. Most men would have a different comeback to that phrase than women, but still, it is a significant day in everybody’s life. Even if for almost 50% of married couples, it won’t be their last.

But let’s keep a happy face for this article as we see celebrities in their happiest moments and we also get to see the amazing wedding attire they chose for the occasion.

So if you need an idea for your wedding, or someone close to you, take a look at these celebrities and their amazing dresses.

Kate Middleton

The whole world watched as Kate Middleton walked down the aisle. With that fact in mind, you want to make sure that your gown is as perfect as it can be. Middleton did it like a boss.

The Duchess of Cambridge got married in a dress fit for a queen (pun intended) designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Kate became quite the fashion icon ever since.

Hold your vows, there’s more…