Cars That are Older Than You But Still Turn Heads

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about supercars that used to be on calendars and posters put up in little boys rooms, we’re talking about cars that regular people bought, that were ahead of their time. Some of these cars are driven today, but mostly by enthusiasts and collectors. They were cool back in the day while they were still in production, and they are cool now. Some of these cars haven’t been mentioned as best cars by some car magazine, they are told to be the best by the drivers that drove them.

Mercedes – Benz R129 SL500

There is actually nothing to say about this car that could, even closely, describe the feeling you have behind the wheel. Numbers from the specs suggest that it’s a car, but if you didn’t see the car, you would imagine something different. We won’t talk about numbers, but here are a few comparisons for you to understand why this car made it to the list. It weighs over two tons, it has more power than a military Hummer, it’s quiet, top speed exceeds the speed of a plane lifting off and it’s a convertible. That’s enough technical stuff and so far it looks good, but what about the exterior? Does the car look good as well as it seems on paper? By some, it exceeds it. Some say it’s a masterpiece. Words can`t describe the look of this car, so just look at it in the picture below.


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