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Documentary about North Korea cancelled

American Museum of Modern Art board announced that they have wrongly canceled the New York premiere of “Under the Sun,” a documentary about North Korea, after it has been heavily criticized by North Korea and Russia.
It is a troubling look at the Asian...


Unemployment by Josh Kline

Currently on view at 47 Canal, New York, Josh Kline’s show “Unemployment” is the situated in the year 2030, a story about people losing their jobs to software during the period approaching election. The whole look of the show is very pessimistic and...


Manifesta 11 in Zurich

European biennial Manifesta 11 that started in Zurich, Switzerland last week has moved the concept of art to another level by its curator and artist Christian Jankowski. Jankowski managed to make a deal between 30 different artists and doctors, spa managers...

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KAWS at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Huge amount of young people with beards and funny hats arrived to see the work of American Pop artist KAWS. The exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in England was followed with 425,000 likes only on Instagram. On the social media profile there were...


Mario Merz Prize list announced

The second Mario Merz Prize will be awarded to one of the five finalists for the year 2017. As the list is already announced, the contenders for the prize are artists Francesco Arena, Petrit Halilaj, Gili Lavy, Shahryar Nashat, and Suha Traboulsi.
The list...

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The mysterious work of Juul Kraijer

The Dutch artist Juul Kraijer started her art career in drawing, but soon got interested in sculpture. Finally during the last couple of years she chose the photography as her main focus. Her latest important international appearance as a photographer began...