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The Story of Turquoise Gem

One of the world’s oldest and most famous gems is turquoise. Archaeologists have confirmed that the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt have worn a lot of jewelry with turquoise, and that Chinese artist used these stones for carving arts as back as 3,000 years...

Beauty Fun

Painting Kenya in yellow

Colombian-American artist Yazmany Arboleda has the plan to paint the city of Nairobi in yellow and it has already begun with houses of worship. This presents the part of artist’s public art project named “Colour in Faith”, where religious...

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Many ways to wear a crop-top this season

After the crop-top majorly conquered the fashion market in 80’s, it’s back again and you’re probably asking yourself what would be the best way to wear it this season. Actually, there are many solutions for your problem, but first of all, you need to...