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Versailles scandal

One of the most popular sites to visit for tourist arriving in Paris is certainly Versailles which is located 40km from the town centre. But, this week Versailles has a totally different atmosphere as the huge scandal occurred involving even the French police...

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KAWS at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Huge amount of young people with beards and funny hats arrived to see the work of American Pop artist KAWS. The exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in England was followed with 425,000 likes only on Instagram. On the social media profile there were...


Louvre and Orsay closed due to precautions

On 2 June, The Louvre Museum in Paris closed its doors for several days due to the threat of flooding from the Seine River, which is near to the museum. The level of Seine is over 5 meters these days and the city centre announced the orange-level flood alert...