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Fashion Design Does Matter

Fashion design is a type of art dedicating to the creations of making clothes and many different modern life accessories.  To be a fashion designer you should have an artistic, creative personality, being able to express yourself and your ideas visually, on...


About the ballpoint pen

When people talk about art, devices and materials there are some kind of ranks. Generally ballpoint pen art is considered to be low art, some say it’s because ballpoint pens only make solid lines. But is that the case? Is this form of art getting enough...

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History of Batman comic books

Batman is an American comic book series featuring the hero of the DC Comics, Batman. This character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Batman became popular after the publication of a self-titled comic book series that first came out in...

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The story of the new Disney princess

Animated Princess Elena is the new Disney Channel series which has already launched up some controversial discussions after its first episode of “Elena of Avalor”. The series are meant to reflect power – the teenager who reclaimed her...


Best movie posters – Part 3

Today, we continue with our list of the most famous and influent movie posters ever made.

Casablanka (1942)
Even though the original is simply the best, it was famously riffed on in the poster for The Good German. This black and white simplicity of the film...