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Stylish Wooden Bike Racks By Daniel Ballou

If you don’t have enough storage space to park your bikes, these wooden bike racks would be an innovative solution for you. It would probably work for those overpossessive bikers who love their bikes more than their lives. Designed by Daneil Ballou, these...


Dream Beach House Casa Kimball by Rangr Studio

Casa Kimball is a private beach house and luxury rental villa located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Situated on a cliff with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, each of eight full suites has a breathtaking view out to the ocean. The...


Apple Introduces iOS 7 With Flat Design Elements

Today rumors come true about Apple’s new operating system update iOS 7 with flat design elements. The new flat icons are cleaner and aim for minimalism, compared to the detailed and colorful icons we’ve seen on previous versions of iOS far. As for other...

Design Inspiration

Inspiring Workspaces With Amazing Views

A workplace should be fun to make you feel motivated to work, It should be unique to so as not to bore you and keep you inspired. In this sence, browsing beautiful workspaces is a great way to get inspired. It’s also a great way to get some ideas for your...


Bedroom Furniture Designs In French Classic Style

Whether you have just moved to your new apartment or you want to refresh & redesign your old bedroom, you need some exclusive ideas to make your bedroom design stand out. And of course you will need new bedroom furnitures. Your bed should be as much as...


Starbucks Interior Design By Kengo Kuma

If you’ve seen one Starbucks coffee shop, you’ve seen in them all. Because all looks the same. I used to think that, before I saw this one in Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan, designed by famous architect Kengo Kuma.
‘’The project aimed to make a structure...


ECO DIY Collection By Eduardo Alessi

Eduardo Alessi is an industrial designer from Causeway Bay, Hong Kong whose works are focused on furniture and product design. The eco DIY collection’ is a series of products that use recycled cardboard as structural material each cut from a single...