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80’s Kid Stars – Where Are They Now?

Where have these 1980’s child actors been? You adored them back then, are they still adorable now? Stop asking and start discovering what these actors and actresses are doing now. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised or a bit sad. Some managed to go beyond...


Crazy Backstage Star Requests

There are always rumors about what goes on backstage just before celebrities perform for thousands of people. What is it that they need to mentally and emotionally prepare for facing those kinds of crowds? Comfort food? Sweet smelling roses?
These celebs and...


Welcome Khloe Kardashian’s Newborn!

When you’re looking for something to be happy about – babies and puppies always do the trick! Especially if they belong to loved celebrities we like to follow. Khloe just gave birth and it’s time to get updated. She and Tristan have been...