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Little Known Facts About Disney

Wall-E, the most popular garbage-compactor robot, got its name after Walter Elias Disney.
Daveigh Chase is the same person who gives voice to Lilo from Lilo and Stitch and plays the girl from our nightmares, Samara Morgan from The Ring.
Disney animators have...

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10 Hall Of Fame NFL Players Then And Now

10 Greatest NFL Players Then And Now
When our favorite athletes decide their playing days are over and hang up their cleats, we often mourn the loss of their talents on the field as if they no longer have anything to offer, when many go on to use their...

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Let’s just face it, 2010 has had some great movies: Shutter Island, Toy Story 3, and even some surprises –Karate Kid. No one expected that movie to be good. But, Christopher Nolan’s Inception took the first page in my book.
Imagine, just for a brief...


The Best Movies to Watch

Are you a movies fan? Do you like spending your free nights on the sofa watching good movies? We have a list of movies we found very interesting and entertaining.
Inception (2010) DiCaprio has a rare ability to enter people’s dream and steal their secrets...

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Celebrity Deaths in 2016

As far as “worst years ever” go, 2016 will definitely go down as one of the more shocking and devastating years, especially for the entertainment industry. It seemed like every other day there was breaking news about a famed star’s untimely...


TV’s Worst Villain of 2016

It is hard to believe, but the worst television villain of 2016 was The Walking Dead’s Negan. The guy who has a baseball bat that he named after B.B. King’s guitar, wraps it with a barbed wire and terrorize the little living world that has left on the...


New Fantasy Trilogy by Marlon James

Alternate universes and faraway lands are homes of sci-fi and fantasy stories, but they all have one thing in common; it doesn’t matter if the setting is in King’s Landing or the Middle East, pretty much everyone is white. Marlon James has an upcoming...