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Exhibitions and conferences

Fall exhibitons – part 2

Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium
This is certainly the most long-awaited show this year. It’s a full retrospective of Brazil’s slipperiest postwar artist. Oiticica started the carrier with some vibrant and syncopated abstract paintings, after...

Exhibitions and conferences

Fall exhibitions – part 1

Here’s the first part of the list of some very interesting exhibitions planned for this fall.

Doug Aitken: Electric Earth
It looks like a grove of trees, an undulating desert, with a horse in a field.  It’s a series of immersive and rhythmic...

Exhibitions and conferences

Art Events to See in New York

 Here’s the list of some shows around New York that you should visit.
Film on View: Pourquoi viens-tu si tard? (Too Late to Love) at Museum of Modern Arts 
It is a magnificent black-and-white movie by director Henri Decoin which confronts absurdity...