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Fashion LOL

Awesome traveller t-shirt

The three friends with funny ideas, George, Steven and Florian met one day start a work on their t-shirt that makes it easier to communicate in a foreign language when you are traveling. The idea was born when one of them traveled by motorbike in Vietnam, and...


What’s your summer style?

Well, according to many clothing specialists and their visions for the upcoming summer, we have made a list of best advices for you.
– Avoid color black
Often it doesn’t really look like a sun-ready look. But if you choose black, try to combine it...

Beauty Fashion

Many ways to wear a crop-top this season

After the crop-top majorly conquered the fashion market in 80’s, it’s back again and you’re probably asking yourself what would be the best way to wear it this season. Actually, there are many solutions for your problem, but first of all, you need to...