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Cracker Barrel Lovers Tour Every US Venue

As one of the most enjoyable cracker venues in the word, Cracker Bar restaurants are up there with the best drive-through foods that you get to enjoy. However, one couple decided that they loved Cracker Barrel so much, they would make a trip to every single...


Woman Survives Severe Google Maps Accident

Today, we all feel pretty attached to our phones, using them to help us make even the simplest of decisions. In fact, many people use their Google Maps app to help them get around places they don’t know, especially when travelling abroad.

For Amber...

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Ladybug as a Lucky Charm

Even though they come in a variety of colors, ladybugs are usually recognized as red, tiny animals with black spots. They are popular in many cultures and various superstitions are associated with them.

Ladybug, a symbol of protection
During the Middle Age...