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Concert lovers are happier

In this era of general discontent, caused by political discord and economic insecurity, there are some people who are genuinely satisfied with their lives. If you come around those people, try to ask them their little secret, but there’s a chance that...


Caring and Generosity through Music

It’s not so hard to be cynical when it comes to pop stars who record songs suggesting people caring more about others. And of course, this kind of idea in music can make them feel a bit guilty because of their lavish lifestyles. So, can a song actually...


Light meal recipes ideas

 Looking for some cool ideas for light meals during the hot summer? Well, we might give you some options if didn’t already try them yet.
Fried brown rice with hot sauce, pineapple, cashew nuts and beans is healthy, light and...


Stay healthy and fit

Feeling healthy and fit is a wonderful feeling, but many people don’t know how to obtain that state of complete mental, physical and social well-being. We all know that it takes time to get there and that we also need to maintain it. How do we actually...


6 Ways to Nap Better

According to sleep experts, a well done nap is a boon for your brain and your performance at work but what are the best ways to get some extra snooze? Follow these expert tips for your best nap:

1. Never nap for too long, especially on a week day...