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The Most Inspiring Model. A Legless Model

For the last few years, the world has grown used to seeing people from challenging backgrounds to overcome it. These kind of stories are great feel-good stories and show us the true limits of the human body amid adversity. One story that recently broke into...


Inspiring Women We Should Listen Too

We had a good year, though there were some sad events as famous and inspiring people passed away and the whole #MeToo campaign ruled the media. But overall, it was a year to learn new things that will be improved on and applied in the New Year. Notably, among...


5 Photos We Will Never Forget from WWII

As we all know, today marks the 73rd anniversary of raising the flag on the Iwo Jima photo (and battle). Iwo Jima was an Island between Japan and the Mariana Islands. The taking over of Iwo Jima was not planned but still, Americans made history, defeating the...