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Start Spinning in Clubs

So, you are a DJ. Maybe a really good one and you don’t know that yet. But you’ve only been practicing in your bedroom, you’ve recorded a few mixes and you feel good behind the deck. I think it’s time to get out there! We have a few tips on how to get...

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Modern Punk Bands

From Ramones and Sex Pistols to Blink 182 and Neck Deep. Punk music has seen big changes. Modern punk bands are changing the rules.
It’s not about breaking anymore. Today’s punk music is unique than ever. The new decade brought some great artists with it...

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Celebrity Deaths in 2016

As far as “worst years ever” go, 2016 will definitely go down as one of the more shocking and devastating years, especially for the entertainment industry. It seemed like every other day there was breaking news about a famed star’s untimely...


U2 2017 : Joshua Tree Tour

Stadiums all across America and Europe will not be the hosts for just sports events this year, but also for the well known U2. The group will celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree by performing the 1987 album from beginning to the end...


Chris Brown is About to Face Bankruptcy

We all know that Chris Brown is a big spender. His ex-manager said that his reckless spending habits will soon dry out his bank accounts and that he is getting too close to bankruptcy. If he doesn’t act quickly, a financial disaster could come even this...


The Five Best Drummers of the 21st Century

These guys certainly know how to lay down the beat. Their weapons are sticks and their special power is speed. In this list, we’ve picked up 5 best drummers of the 21st century!
Luke Holland
Born: June 14, 1993 (age 23)
Music Group: The World...


Look Into the Future of Music for 2017

2016 staged some unexpected comebacks like All Saints, Craig David and Rick Astley. There is so much upcoming music that we can look forward to listening to and possibly even dancing to by ourselves at 4 am while no one else is watching! Of course, 2016 had...