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Decades of Cindy Sherman’s photography

1983 – This was the year when Cindy Sherman exposed her first successful collection of photographs which immediately met success in the art world. Just like the modern art of today, these are made with a particular concept, including past examples of...


Film or digital?

Nowadays, most of photographs are usually taken with digital image cameras, but there’s is also the growing number of photographers who are interested photographing with film formats form the past. If you ask yourself why would anyone choose to shoot...

Artworks Photography

The mysterious work of Juul Kraijer

The Dutch artist Juul Kraijer started her art career in drawing, but soon got interested in sculpture. Finally during the last couple of years she chose the photography as her main focus. Her latest important international appearance as a photographer began...


Image of the dusk in conceptual art

Sometimes we find different artists that successfully work on the same idea, even if they’re stationed on the opposite sides of the globe. These two artists, Boris Mikhailov and Gregory Crewdson are both into photography taken at dusk. Even though...