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Humorous Photography Examples by Zack Seckler

Zack Seckler is a talented photographer who enjoys seeing the funny side of life. In his ‘Humour’ photography series Zack turns situations, locations and subjects into chuckle inducing frames that are both clever and thought provoking.
The New York-based...


Extreme Water Sports Photos From Morocco

Thanks to its rich culture, gorgeous landscapes and the warmth and friendliness of its residents, Morocco is one of the most charming destinations on the African continent. Its wonderful weather helps too, and visitors to Morocco love flocking to its beaches...


Impressive Self Portraits By Xin Li

Xin Li is a young, talented Norway-based photographer who is really succesful at shooting storytelling photos. Each of below photos tell a story whose narrative is seemingly left up to the viewer. It is really hard to believe that she is just 18!


Lua Corujeira’s Fantasy World

Luana Corujeira Ungaro (18), better known as Lua Corujeira, sees in her stage name magic. The sum of “Lua” (Moon in Galician) and Corujeira word from the word “Coruxa” (Owl), are archetypes she says that reinforce their photographic...


Portrait Photography By David Terrazas

David Terrazas (born in 1980) is a freelance photographer from Pamplona-Spain with a highly notable portfolio. His work is beautiful, intelligent, emotional and technically accomplished and especially his beautiful portraits. He uses light and shadow wisely...

Entertainment Photography PHOTOS

29 Nasty people on Airplanes

Ever wonder if you’re the only person on the airplane that is noticing the passenger next you who’s constantly farting? And the lady behind with the baby, who keeps changing his diaper and tossing it on the floor while you are shaking in your chair...