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Is Fashion an Art?

Is fashion really an art? The topic everyone on the world wide web is talking about. Yes, it is! No, it isn’t?
Even in past, history has shown us that people dressed to express themselves. Everything started with ancient Egyptians. Their clothing was filled...

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Let’s just face it, 2010 has had some great movies: Shutter Island, Toy Story 3, and even some surprises –Karate Kid. No one expected that movie to be good. But, Christopher Nolan’s Inception took the first page in my book.
Imagine, just for a brief...

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Start Spinning in Clubs

So, you are a DJ. Maybe a really good one and you don’t know that yet. But you’ve only been practicing in your bedroom, you’ve recorded a few mixes and you feel good behind the deck. I think it’s time to get out there! We have a few tips on how to get...

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Modern Punk Bands

From Ramones and Sex Pistols to Blink 182 and Neck Deep. Punk music has seen big changes. Modern punk bands are changing the rules.
It’s not about breaking anymore. Today’s punk music is unique than ever. The new decade brought some great artists with it...


The A-Team: The Show, Movie, And Essential Trivia

Both The A-Team TV series and movie are fun, albeit extreme, hallmarks of the campiness that once flooded American pop culture. Though the franchise’s concept has never taken off to wider appeal, it has a fiercely dedicated cult following that warrants...

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This Year’s Music Retrospective

After almost two decades of piracy and scalping, the music business in 2016 can be considered as “not terrible” at least. There were many artists who intended to push the big scene a bit higher this year. There were many events and artists on the...