Disney Storylines that Should’ve Been Different

Peter Pan

We all love a classic like Peter Pan, but it wasn’t always suppose to be like we know it. At first, Disney animators wanted to make the whole story to go through Nana the dog’s eyes, plus to leave out John Darling completely. And that is not all; How do you feel about Peter Pan kidnapping Wendy so she could be a mother to Lost Boys? Yeap! This idea came up by Walt Disney himself. It is a children’s movie so this is some pretty dark stuff. In the end, Walt came to his sense and threw those ideas away, and made the classic we all know and love. He said:”We ought to get right into the story itself, where Peter Pan comes to the house to get his shadow. That is where the story picks up. How Peter came to be is really another story.”

The Lion King

King of the Beasts and King of the Kalahari were the first ideas for the name for this iconic movie back in the ’90s. The title was not the only thing that was different. Disney executive described the original script to be “more than a passing resemblance to an animated National Geographic special.” At first, Scar supposed to be a baboon and Rafiki a cheetah. The story, according to animators, was going to be about a war between baboons and lions. In the end, luckily, we were given a Hamlet of the desert.


Disney often has a weird habit of leaving out mothers from the story or in the “best” case, kill them off. In the first, original script, Aladdin had a mother character. But, that didn’t last long. Chairman at that moment was Jeffrey Katzenberg and he said:”Eighty-six the mother. The mom’s a zero.” Also, the fictional city of Agrabah wasn’t always the place where the story was set. It was supposed to be Baghdad until 1991 when the Gulf War started so Disney producers needed to change that.


After almost 80 years of trying, Disney finally managed to make a movie out of Hans Christian Andersen’s story The Snow Queen. It wasn’t simple at all. Until 2008 the queen was using her powers to kill people, and the movie was pretty dark, especially for children. At first, Megan Mullally was supposed to be Elsa, but in the end, the physical inspiration was Bette Midler. The movie itself had nothing to do with sisters. The main story was about romance and it was showing Elsa as an unsympathetic villain. In 2012, director and screenwriter Jennifer Lee came up with the idea of how to revolutionize the story, so she made Anna and her relationship with her sister, Olaf as a fun sidekick and Hans as a villain.


Flit and Meeko are Pocahontas’s sidekicks. They get along very well and are best friends. They were not alone in the original story because there was a third animal voiced by John Candy and it was a turkey, Redfeather. Flit and Meeko were left alone in 1994 when Candy died. Redfeather was left out and producers also muted Flit and Meeko who had voices at first.

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