Do You Want To Start a Band?


It’s fun and it’s challenging. If you are playing an instrument, or if you’re a good singer, maybe you should start a band. In this article, I will introduce you to the “having a band world”.
Like I said, It’s fun and it’s challenging. Playing a live show is something every musician needs to experience. The feeling you get when you come to the stage, or the feeling when the audience sings with you, no money could buy that feeling. So, starting a bend is not that simple as it seems. If you want the band to sound good, you will need to practice A LOT. Band structure mainly looks like this: Drummer, Bass player, Rhythm Guitarist, Lead Guitarist and Vocal. If you see Jazz band it’s common that you see saxophone player or piano player. But if you see the metal band, I can’t guarantee you will see a saxophone player. Every music genre has its own sound image. So the first step to forming a band is choosing a music genre the band will play. Then you need to find the right people, good musicians. Pay attention, a band with a good drummer and bass player, and not so good guitarist will sound better than a band with a good guitarist, and not so good drummer and bass player. So, it’s crucial that you find a good drummer and bass player.


When the band is formed, it’s time to hit that studio to practice! You should pick a name for the band, something unique and recognizable. Promote your band! Creating the Facebook page is a good place to start. Share, share, share! Upload the band picture, info, set up the page. It could be funny, interesting, whatever. When the band is finally done with practicing and you guys have around 15-20 songs, it’s time to hit the local gig places. No one is going to contact you if no one knows about you. So, first hit the recording studio. No need to spend money for the professional recording studio, home production studios will do just fine.


Record the best song you have and promote it well! Burn some CD’s, give it to your closest friends. Spread the word. Good promotion is really helpful. Meet new people, go to the local gig. Support other bands, they are your colleagues now. Around that time, when everything is happening all at once, you are going to be invited to perform. Because you are an underdog don’t expect the big show, because you are going to be there just to warm up the crowd. This is your chance to rise! Give your best and enjoy the music. Trust me, the crowd can see if you are nervous, and that’s ok. Just remember to enjoy the music and the moment you have. When performing for the first time, the biggest problem you are going to face is over-thinking. You are going to think what you are playing, and when is that drum fill, and what people in the crowd think, and is guitarist over-thinking too… stop! No one is here to judge, and you are just wasting your time on stage doing that. It’s normal to be nervous, but it’s sad if you are stopped to do something you want by the fears you have. So, don’t be afraid, you are here for you first!
Just keep practicing new songs, keep promoting yourself, think of new ideas that will make the band unique and the most important – enjoy.

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