The Famous Fathers of Famous Celebrities

Famous Father: Tom Hanks

Known for:  Forrest Gump and Seepless in Seattle

An academy award winner, Tom Hanks has been in our favorite hits on the screen for years. who could forget his heartrending performance in Forrest Gump, or his break-through hit “Big”. Hanks has scored himself a place with Hollywood heavyweights with his soft features and crazy talent.

Famous Son: Colin Hanks

Known For: Fargo

Making the saying “Like father like son” truer than ever, Tom’s son, Colin, is his splitting image, and has inherited his acting chops too! Although Colin is more well-known for his roles in series such as Dexter and Fargo, his father still takes his acting very seriously stating to People Magazine, ‘I’m in competition with my son,’

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