History of Batman comic books


Batman is an American comic book series featuring the hero of the DC Comics, Batman. This character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Batman became popular after the publication of a self-titled comic book series that first came out in the 1940.

Batman comic book started as a quarterly publication but it later became a bimonthly series through the late 1950s, after it became monthly publications and has remained ever since. The first original series ended in 2011 and was relaunched with a new plot.

The relaunch of the series was announced at the 2016 WonderCon as DC Rebirth“. The new Batman comic book „Batman Rebirth #1“ was released on June 15, 2016.


The Golden Age

In spring of 1940, when Batman #1 was released readers were introduced to Catwoman and Batman’s arch enemy the Joker. Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s family butler was introduced in a comic book Batman #16 in 1943.

Editor Whitney Ellsworth assigned a Batman story to artist Dick Sprang in 1941. Sprang’s first published Batman comic book was Batman #19 in 1943.

Villains that were first shown during this early era were the Mad Hatter in the Batman #49 that was published in October 1948; the Killer Moth was first shown in issue #63 that came out in 1951.

In early strips, Batman’s career as a vigilante earns him the ire of the police.



The Silver Age

When the Silver Age of Comic Books came we first saw Batman in science fiction themed comics. Mr.. Freeze and Betty Kane, the original Bat-Girl were first introduced characters at the beginning of this era.

Julius Schwartz was set to retrieve the old batman titles in 1964. Schwartz’s first Batman comic book was Batman #164 that acme out in June 1964. The Riddler came back after eighteen-year absence in #171. Readers were introduced to new villains such as Posion Ivy in #181 that was published in June 1966. The comic book was highly affected by the Batman television series that was really popular during the 1960s.

Batman meets and regularly works with other heroes during the Silver Age, most notably Superman.


The 1970s

Writer Dennis O’Neil and artist Neal Adams started a new re-infused, darker Batman in 1971. They introduced the readers tot he new villain named Ra’s al Ghul, and also gave Joker his homicidal maniac murderer look.

The 1980s

Marv Wolfman was appointed to work on Batman #331 in January 1981. And many other writers and artists worked on the Batman Comic book series during the 80s.

The 1990s

Tim Burton’s 1989 movie Batman highly impacted the comic book and gave it a darker tone. Neal Adams designed a new costume for Robin in issue #457 that was published in 1990 in a story by Alan Grant. During the 1990s the main writers were Grant, Doug, Moench and Chuck Dixon. In 1990s comic books Batman’s back was broken by the super villain Bane.


Writer Larry Hama and artist Scott McDaniel issued seven titles. At issue #582 a writer Ed Brubaker was introduced as the writer to the series and he wrote about villains such as Penguin, Zeiss and Deadshot

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes world wide. The character’s presence has extended beyond his comic book origins.

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