Ladybug as a Lucky Charm

Even though they come in a variety of colors, ladybugs are usually recognized as red, tiny animals with black spots. They are popular in many cultures and various superstitions are associated with them.

Ladybug, a symbol of protection

During the Middle Age, ladybugs were believed to be the symbol of protection.
Stories were connected with farmers, and their problems with aphids ruining their crops. Desperate farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary, asking for help. The Virgin Mary sent help to distressed farmers, in form of thousands of ladybugs which were able to annihilate the aphids and to eventually save the crops. Farmers first called them “Beetles of Our Lady”, eventually evolving into their today’s name, referencing still to the Virgin Mary.
Today, a ladybug is still used as a lucky charm, for safety and protection, against harms of all type.
They are also believed to keep a person safe and healthy, and thus often found on baby and child clothes.
A gift with including ladybug image on it is believed to bring to receive love, happiness, and prosperity. If a ladybug lands on you, you will receive good news. It is believed that if a ladybug lands on an object, you will receive a newer and better version of it.

Ladybug and Love

It is a common belief that if a ladybug lands on the hand of an unmarried woman, she will get married within a year. This is pictured in a poem:
This lady-fly I take from the grass
Whose spotted back might scarlet red surpass?
Fly, lady-bird; north, south, or east or west
Fly where the man is found that I love best.
John Gay, The Shepherd’s Week – 1714

Symbolism of a ladybug for the Newborn Babies

Besides the fact they are considered carriers of fortune and security, there are additional reasons why ladybug symbols should be associated with newborn babies.
They are considered to be lucky for babies as they bring auspicious blessings to them.
Italian nickname for ladybugs “commaruccia” can be translated as “little midwives”, once again indicating their importance.
This symbolism of plentiful blessings made the clothing and other various stuff with ladybugs very popular for both kids and adults.

Self-confidence of a ladybug

Ladybugs are really small creatures, yet, they are capable of protecting themselves from larger opponents.
And really, when ladybug feels endangered, it will release an unpleasant odor, repulsive for the predator, chasing him away in his search for food.
This is often noted by people, commenting that a ladybug is an excellent example how a small and self-reliant a creature can be at the same time.
Association with Virgin Mary
The folklore legends say that this was the favorite of Virgin Mary. Mother of Jesus has been associated with ladybugs for centuries.
It is also believed that seven spots on this tiny animal represent the Seven Joys of Mary, others claim those are the Seven Sorrows of Mary.

Do not kill a ladybug!

To kill a ladybug is considered an extremely bad luck. If you, unfortunately, do so, you will be on the list of Virgin Mary for nine days.
Ladybug images are placed sometimes on tiles on the street of Netherland. It is believed they represent a protest against the violence of irrational kind.

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