This is What North Korea Is Hiding From The World

North Korea is a point of fascination and trepidation throughout the world. A lot about the State remains unknown, and we can only imagine through the harsh censorship that is enforced in the country, even less about the outer world is known by North Korean themselves.
In recent years, since the new leader Kim Jong-Un has risen to power, the situation has only gotten more radical, with nuclear war threats something he likes to show off on a regular basis.

It is known Jong-Un has no problem terrorizing those close to him, including his family members and officials, so we can only imagine the terror he could inflict on those he has no reason to care for.

One thing is for sure, his greatest fear is that the public world will find out the true extent of the harsh realities which his citizens face daily, one where young North Korean women are still forced to take part in army drills rather than focus on their own young lives.