One Parent’s Caution Brings Awareness for Child Safety

Most parents do not take the time to put in surveillance cameras around the house, which is obviously fine. However, Ricky and Kayli Shoff had wired the whole house, and seen something very unexpected that actually saved them time playing safety police. Their two year old son was the one who actually saved the life of his twin brother when a tall dresser fell on top of him, almost crushing him to his death. The rest of the story is one viral hit that everyone around the world is constantly sharing.

The story takes place on December 30th in a small town called Orem, Utah. Both Bowdy and Brock Shoff found the dresser intriguing and interesting, and decided to use it as a jungle gym. Ultimately, the dresser fell on both boys; Bowdy managed to escape suffocation while Brock was still trapped underneath, nearly dying. The young boy then tried his hardest to figure out how to save his brother Brock, and ultimately pushed the dresser off of his brother, with his brother rolling out from under. Talk about strength on such a young little toddler, aside from his heart and intelligence on knowing that he had to save his brother’s life.

Their father then took to Facebook to write a post and share the video of his son thus to inspire other parents to be cautious.

The video surveillance was a great idea to keep an eye, but the placing of the dresser was what truly endangered the lives of Brock and Bowdy. The lesson that these boy’s parents gave was to be careful where they placed their furniture, and to also make sure it is childlock and sealed.

Watch the video below

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