South African writer on prizes

South African writer Lidudumalingani laughed when he was asked if he was going to share his £10,000 prize money with his shortlisted Caine Prize authors, like previous winner did. He replied: “I wish I could do that. But journalists and writers in...


Best movie posters – Part 3

Today, we continue with our list of the most famous and influent movie posters ever made.

Casablanka (1942)
Even though the original is simply the best, it was famously riffed on in the poster for The Good German. This black and white simplicity of the film...


Russian robot tries to escape the lab

An AI robot that’s designed to have face-to-face interactions with humans, called Promobot IR77, still keeps trying to escape a research facility in Perm, Russia. They say that the robot has being reprogrammed twice already. If it sounds to all of us...

Fun Print Design

Books in five minutes?

One French graphic design student recently entered inside one of Paris’s newest bookstores and was devastated by the condition and atmosphere in it. He said that it looked like an empty open space with a couple of stools. Even though he first thought that...


Can failures and rejecion help?

Failures and rejection in both emotional and professional level are a common thing to all of us, but sometimes it blocks us from going forward. Many of us have been left in a tricky position, trying to figure out how in the world we were ever going to move...


Light meal recipes ideas

 Looking for some cool ideas for light meals during the hot summer? Well, we might give you some options if didn’t already try them yet.
Fried brown rice with hot sauce, pineapple, cashew nuts and beans is healthy, light and...


Decades of Cindy Sherman’s photography

1983 – This was the year when Cindy Sherman exposed her first successful collection of photographs which immediately met success in the art world. Just like the modern art of today, these are made with a particular concept, including past examples of...

Fashion LOL

Awesome traveller t-shirt

The three friends with funny ideas, George, Steven and Florian met one day start a work on their t-shirt that makes it easier to communicate in a foreign language when you are traveling. The idea was born when one of them traveled by motorbike in Vietnam, and...


What’s your summer style?

Well, according to many clothing specialists and their visions for the upcoming summer, we have made a list of best advices for you.
– Avoid color black
Often it doesn’t really look like a sun-ready look. But if you choose black, try to combine it...