Artworks Inspiration

Fashion Art Paintings by Anja Van Herle

Anja Van Herle is a painter born in Belgium in 1969, currently residing in Los Angeles. Anja combines a European sense of high fashion in her artwork with an American sense of wonder. She explores glamorous and sensuality through her female portraits. Anja...

Animals Photography

Beautiful Dog Portraits By Daniel Sadlowski

Daniel Sadlowski is a Germany-Duisburg based photographer. He is also a web designer, which he is now working for almost ten years. He uses extensive knowledge of image processing that he learned as a web designer, now he benefits as a photographer.
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Beautiful Female Portraits By Flavie Eidel

Flavie Eidel is a talented photographer based Paris,France. She mostly takes female portraits and I must say that she is really good at it! In an interview, Flavie told that she got her inspiration from Bruno Dayan, Tom Chambers, Witkins, Francesca Woodman...