Fun Inspiration

Is This the Luckiest Woman Alive?

Does anyone want to move to North Carolina? I bet that after reading this piece, you’ll be on your suitcases asap.
There must be some kind of magical liquid flowing under N. Carolina as two women have gotten some good luck lately over there.
First, it was...

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Most Viral and Iconic Moments of 2017

Wow! What a year that was… 2017 turned out to be full of amazing event, some surprisingly good and some quite the opposite.
Regular people became heroes, while heroes became suspects. Many events and highlights of this year became highlights because of...

Entertainment Inspiration

Keanu Reeves is an Inspiration

It is said that all that glitters is not gold and no one can deny this quote as it is one of the saddest realities of the world. Here is a story about Canadian actor Keanu Reeves, and how he has inspired millions of people to never quit, no matter how hard...

Animals Fun

Adorable Bird Feeding System Melts Hearts

When we own a pet, it becomes our duty to look after it and to care for it as if it was part of the family. While some pets are obviously more challenging to look after than others, it’s usually agreed that birds are among the most awkward pets to keep...