Films You Should See This Week

This week is full of amazing Hollywood movies that you will surely appreciate and enjoy. They are some amazing motion pictures that will impress with their great features, unique visuals and tremendous attention to detail. With that in mind, we created a list...


80’s Kid Stars – Where Are They Now?

Where have these 1980’s child actors been? You adored them back then, are they still adorable now? Stop asking and start discovering what these actors and actresses are doing now. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised or a bit sad. Some managed to go beyond...


Test Yourself: Guess the Celebrity Twin

Just like the Olsen Twins (who are not in this quiz), you don’t always know who’s the one on-screen right now. In these cases, it is usually easy to know because most of these celebrities have twin siblings or fraternal siblings which you never...


Crazy Backstage Star Requests

There are always rumors about what goes on backstage just before celebrities perform for thousands of people. What is it that they need to mentally and emotionally prepare for facing those kinds of crowds? Comfort food? Sweet smelling roses?
These celebs and...


Worst Tic-Tac-Toe Game Ever

Unless you are new to the world of games and, well, fun, you will have heard of Tic-Tac-Toe. This comical game is one that drives a lot of people batchy; it’s very hard to win, despite being so utterly simplistic. Come up against someone decent, and they...


The Secret Behind the North Korean Cheerleaders

The entire internet partied at the sight of the North Korean Cheerleaders. They were so well synchronized and cheerful, it was so enjoyable to watch. It seemed as if they were truly there to have fun and cheer for their teammates.
At first, the media saw...