Selena Gomez and her Private Guards

When Selena Gomez started her REVIVAL tour a few months ago, she decided to capture her fan moment in every city she’d visit. It’s nice to see her connect that way with her biggest fans.

On several locations it was not possible for her to get out to meet fans, so she captured a fan moment on stage. She really does seem to like being with them.

Funny thing…

But when checking out the pictures from the backstage fan meetups, something jumps out. Maybe it jumps out only to ADHD people like me, anyway, the two guys holding the barrier are always the same two guys. it’s like they’re her personal barrier guards or something.

In any case, it’s nice to see. Selena and her private guards…

Say Hello Seattle, WA
Hey San Jose, CA

I can still see you…

Ottawa, Canada
Been to London, Ontario

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