Self Portraits From Fearless Artist – Ahn Jun

Ahn Jun is a South Korean photographer who is known for her Self-Portrait series of photos taken from skyscrapers. She has worked extensively in New York, Hong Kong and Seoul. She calls it is kind of performance without an audience.
“There was a day when I recalled my adolescent years. I was sitting on the edge of my apartment in New York and looking over the cityscape. I had a thought that suddenly my youth was coming to an end and I could not figure out the future. I sat on the edge and looked down. Then I saw the empty space, the void, and there was a sudden change in my perspective on life and death, present and future. The vision of the cityscape I was witnessing was not real for that moment – I felt the illusion of beautiful buildings was just like the future, or an ideal that we can never reach, but which surrounds us. Then I looked down and saw that what I was actually standing on was empty space. It was ‘the present’ for me. So I took a picture of my feet and that was the start of my project.” – Ahn Jun
Check out Self Portraits From Fearless Artist – Ahn Jun.

By Ahn Jun (1)

By Ahn Jun (2)

By Ahn Jun (3)

Self Portraits By Ahn Jun (4)

By Ahn Jun (5)

By Ahn Jun (6)

By Ahn Jun (7)

By Ahn Jun (8)

By Ahn Jun (9)

By Ahn Jun (10)

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