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Published on November 22nd, 2012 | by TooCool


Sleek and Elegant Mac ScreenSaver By Stefan Trifan

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Stefan Trifan is a Romanian designer who is the creator of this beautiful and minimal mac screensaver. This sleek and useful screensaver displays your city, weather, time, and date, and includes custom minimalist black and white icons which I loved. You can download it for free from his official website. Just follow the link below images and enjoy the beauty.
About Stefan Frifan; Stefan Trifan is creative director & owner at SILKEIGHT, having 7 years of professional experience. He has worked with some of the leading multimedia and design company in Bucharest. Having worked with various projects, he has accrived myriad of abilites ranging from design and technical skills to managing projects with large teams.
He foresees himself in the future in directing and managing more projects and gaining new experience and techniques to propel himself higher in the new media design & technology industry.

Mac ScreenSaver By Stefan Trifan (1)

By Stefan Trifan

By Stefan Trifan (2)

By Stefan Trifan

By Stefan Trifan (3)

By Stefan Trifan

By Stefan Trifan (4)

By Stefan Trifan

Download ScreenSaver for Mac By Stefan Trifan

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