Sources Dish on the Details of Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Gown

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the details of the dress Jennifer Aniston wore to wed Justin Theroux in secrecy have been revealed.

Jennifer Aniston

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It’s been all over the news that they finally did it, after having been engaged for 3 years Jennifer and Justin tied the knot on August 5th in a highly private ceremony for family and close friends. A source said to know what the actress chose for her attire on her big day was quoted as saying that Jennifer’s bridal gown choice was in keeping with her classic style by being simple and beautiful. What’s more, the bride didn’t wear white but an off-white tone more like cream in a shape that was very tailored to fit while being classy and simple.

Another insider revealed additional details by adding that the star wore an elegant gown that was strapless and flowy. While the world is still awaiting some stunning pictures from the event, there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind she looked absolutely breathtaking.

Jennier Aniston and Justin Theroux

Courtesy of Wenn

Of course the real question of fashionistas everywhere is who designed the gown? For the moment that mystery remains shrouded since requests for statement from the actress’ usual designers like Vivienne Westwood, Versace, and Gucci all declined to claim ownership of that distinction.

For her part, Jennifer herself had already alluded to making it official with Justin without unnecessary fanfare. She mused to an interviewer at InStyle earlier this year whether it would be more beneficial to try desperately to conceal plans to make the affair private or to just “screw it” and go along with the buzz. She said she hoped that with a will there would be a way to avoid any noise surrounding their nuptials.

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