Fresh Street Art Dedicated to Gezi Park From Turkey

When you think of social media, you are likely to think of computers, mobile devices and sites like Facebook or Twitter. But there is one form that pre-dates it all – street art has been with us for centuries. Here is a great example of that. It all began with a shopping mall idea and protecting the trees. But now, it is more than just trees for citizens of Turkey. Protests over the demolition of a park in the center of downtown Istanbul in favor of a shopping mall entered a fourth day, with police using tear gas.
What began as a small sit-in to protest against the government’s plan to demolish a park in Taksim Square has swelled to the biggest protest movement against Turkey’s prime minister since he was elected more than 10 years ago. The crowds have been chanting “Tayyip resign” and “shoulder to shoulder against fascism.”
Check out Fresh Street Art Dedicated to Gezi Park From Turkey.

‘We don’t want a president whose head is high with fascism. -Stoned Youth.’

You have teasen the generation who had beaten police on GTA!

‘Freedom is outside’

‘Resist Gezi’

Oh Pepper!

Police brother, you are really fetching our eyes.

Pepper gas will make your skin beautiful.

Policeman, sell bagel, live honorable

Winter is coming.

Liar media

‘Tell us more, Tayyip. It’s exciting.’

‘Got gas?’

Gezi Park

‘This ayran is amazing, my man’

‘Out of gas, brotha.?’

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