Stylish Wooden Bike Racks By Daniel Ballou


If you don’t have enough storage space to park your bikes, these wooden bike racks would be an innovative solution for you. It would probably work for those overpossessive bikers who love their bikes more than their lives. Designed by Daneil Ballou, these stylish wooden bike racks come in two different versions: wall mount and a floor stand. The wall mount is best for a horizontal top tube bike that weighs less than 25 pounds. The floor stand holds just about any type of bike and comes with felt spacer pads to accommodate the various tire widths. These racks come in bent plywood, walnut veneer or white powder coasted steel hardware.
Daniel Ballou is an industrial designer living in Long Beach CA. In 2007 he founded dashdot, a design consulting studio that operates in a wide range of industries including consumer products, apparel, and housewares. Ballou Projects are self authored explorations, ideas, and experiments.
Check out Stylish Wooden Bike Racks By Daniel Ballou.

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