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Print Design

Want VS Need Poster Series By Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson is a graphic designer/photographer currently living in Austin, Texas. Want vs Need is a great series of poster illustrations which reminds us about the important little things of everyday life. If you want to check out other clever projects from...

Artworks Design Inspiration

Scribbled Line Portraits By Ayaka Ito

Ayaka Ito is a Brooklyn-based interactive designer. Scribbled Line People is a collaboration between Ayaka Ito and programmer Randy Church that features, to put it simply, snapshots of shredded people. Combining each of their respective creative expertises...


Unusual Paper Art by Bianca Chang

Bianca Chang is a graphic designer living and working in Sydney. She is creating her paper art pieces in her spare time which are amazingly beautiful and sleek. Her paper works are created by hand-plotting multiple sheets of 80gsm 100% post consumer waste...

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