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Portrait Photography By David Terrazas

David Terrazas (born in 1980) is a freelance photographer from Pamplona-Spain with a highly notable portfolio. His work is beautiful, intelligent, emotional and technically accomplished and especially his beautiful portraits. He uses light and shadow wisely...


Homeless People Portraits By Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries’s black and white portraits are one of the most impressive examples of portrait photography project with full of emotion I have ever seen. Photographer Lee Jeffries lives in Manchester in the United Kingdom. Close to the professional football...


Emotive Portraits By Oleg Oprisco

Oleg Oprisco is a young and talented Ukrainian photographer based in Kiev. He is really good at creating very poetic portraits with great emotion and soul transmitted through the image. You can obseve that, each portrait is worked in depth for its staging...

Artworks Inspiration

Surreal illustrations By Natalie Shau

Natalie Shau is illustrator artist and photographer of Russian and Kazakhstan descent based in Lithuania. She found interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art.Despite her personal work, Natalie also creates...


Beautiful Female Portraits By Flavie Eidel

Flavie Eidel is a talented photographer based Paris,France. She mostly takes female portraits and I must say that she is really good at it! In an interview, Flavie told that she got her inspiration from Bruno Dayan, Tom Chambers, Witkins, Francesca Woodman...