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Portraits Of Retro Cars By Ryan Schude

Ryan Schude is a Los Angeles based photographer who has shot extensively for advertising and editorial and has had his work in numerous publications. This is a cool series of ”vintage cars portraits”, shot mostly with his Lomo Lubitel 166+. Better listen...

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Scribbled Line Portraits By Ayaka Ito

Ayaka Ito is a Brooklyn-based interactive designer. Scribbled Line People is a collaboration between Ayaka Ito and programmer Randy Church that features, to put it simply, snapshots of shredded people. Combining each of their respective creative expertises...


Colorful Portrait Paintings By Michael Shapcott

Michael Shapcott (born June 6, 1982 in Hartford, Connecticut) is a Central Connecticut-based painter, known for his daring color palette and emotionally charged portraits. His work deals with highly detailed graphite underdrawings which he then paints with...